Nine rich entrepreneurial contest revelation Sino US financial science and technology competition or

like a raging fire Jiu Fu 2016 Sino US financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition, starting from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, South Road, Shenzhen, for the first time after going abroad to the other side of the United States Silicon Valley. In July 13th, the grand final came to a close in Beijing.

"Fire" brought us Fintech

contest champion Snapcard CEO Michael Dunworth speech

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to block chain technology as an example, the underlying architecture of block chain technology is reconstructing the entire Internet finance, not only can reduce the credit risk of financial institutions, reduce operating costs, is an important tool to realize the sharing of financial. Snapcard, the champion of this competition, comes from

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in contrast, the application of big data in China’s mutual funds started relatively late, and a number of typical aspects, including online loan services, consumer finance, Internet credit reporting, risk management, etc.. However, after seeing the value of big data applications, the domestic began to catch up. Jiu Fu as an example, on the one hand and sesame credit, credit, Tencent Maemi Nobu, with the shield and many other third party credit institutions and the anti fraud agency cooperation, on the other hand, the positive development of wind control of big data modeling technology, ferreting out nearly 30 million users of data values.

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in 2015 compared to the rich Internet financial business competition, 2016 financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition the biggest thing is concern in the field of comprehensive upgrade, especially Silicon Valley station start brought the collision financial technology innovation. The Internet in China and the United States and financial innovation, although because of the user base and the needs of different groups and the difference is quite big, but in the industry competition today, it has reference to the successful experience of the United States of Chinese mutual gold innovation.


2013 is the first year of the rise of China’s mutual gold industry. After the rapid development of mutual gold industry, the financial innovations of China and the United States have also taken different directions. China of Internet banking has entered a rapid expansion of the scale period; while the U. S. financial technology is more emphasis on technological innovation, intensive and meticulous farming in a field.

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to big data, for example, the United States earlier in big data applications made an attempt. The FICO is a pioneer of Fair Isaac Corporation credit risk management technology, processing of structured data, as early as 80s in the U.S. banking industry pioneered FICO credit score; in the aspect of dealing with unstructured data, another company ZestFinance on the basis of FICO step mining and innovation, analysis model is developed for each credit the more than 10 thousand original data analysis, and draws more than 70 thousand can be measured on the behavior, can more accurately evaluate the consumer credit risk.

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