The secret of in-depth analysis of the virtual link


5, brush virtual links will not be considered cheating will lead to love Shanghai, the K

virtual links are not?


6, brush virtual link has no negative effect on the website

virtual links do?


4, virtual link brushing time effective

love Shanghai in 20 days, that is to say, the virtual brush links you may not see, but always brush, will see the effect.

currently on the market there are a lot of brush outside the chain of tools and websites, which can use. Love Shanghai search automatically outside the chain, the chain group, you will find a lot of. The use of these tools can do this batch box website, virtual link.

virtual link?


virtual link is left when the chain query query site or cache. For example: we ranked in the webmaster tools query website www.shiyanji5贵族宝贝 Alexa, on the left side will appear in this query records. If the www.shiyanji5贵族宝贝 name appears on the left side of the page, this is just love Shanghai included, then this site is added a chain, the chain is called virtual link.



not in the future should not be. But love Shanghai in the future may prohibit included in this virtual link. Come listen to me carefully. Love would never allow Shanghai K station on the outside of the station, especially some very easy operation. Because of the factors of K station outside the station, so we can not go to the K station operation, the risk is not very big love Shanghai. So the brush does not lead to K virtual link station.

virtual link looks like a very mysterious thing, in fact, some novice or there are some misunderstandings and doubts,. Today to share a virtual link secret, at the same time to teach you how to make a virtual link.

?The update cycle

virtual link can be love Shanghai included, to increase the number of your domain, you say that this link has not certainly useful ah?. The virtual links have much effect? The weight is relatively low, effect is relatively small. Of course, here I want to ask you a question: in the forum or soft text in a chain function big. So, whatever you do, what kind of links, not a single or a positive effect, but the mass of the

you know, any one link has a life cycle, the life cycle of the virtual links some shorter. If you have multiple n virtual links, then you do not brush, and other aspects of the link.

What is the

yes, there will be some negative effects. But the negative effect is based on the virtual connection number plummeted, but the impact will not be great. The details below.

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