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share type soft operation means: >

news event type soft operation method: this type of text is mainly working on the corporate brand or product publicity, so the content must not have obvious advertising content can write difficult development process of enterprises, enterprise management interviews and speeches, enterprise management mode, enterprise social contribution. As the enterprise culture should be highlighted in the article, and highlights the advantage of the enterprise. The article introduces how the enterprise can not be straightforward, and how to. Do well enterprise culture is introduced to the enterprise brand publicity, should be to the media or website submission, you can directly contact the media release.

marketing is a common way of marketing in network marketing, but also for a good network marketing personnel for precision marketing is not less than. In marketing for soft writing techniques and themes, as well as accurate delivery and subsequent operation of the soft, many friends are very concerned about the problem. Below we talk about some methods of marketing, before doing marketing, we must be familiar with their own promotional products or services for product awareness like our marketing success and the marketing effect, this is one of the. The second is to conduct a detailed investigation on the market, including the current status of the market, the user demand research, competitor analysis. Only do these two steps we can have is the marketing.

two, share type soft

marketing mode, generally for the enterprise or the team used more. This kind of soft Wen to users a wide range of operating expense. This type of soft Wen promotion for enterprise brand promotion and product, mainly through the power of the media, with a soft form of performance, the news events as a basis. This type of marketing has spread wide, readable, features more obvious effect.

share type soft set is suitable for personal or brand image and promotion, suitable for individual or small team operation. Especially suitable for the individual or group in the establishment of an industry brand. As everyone knows, whether a certain industry, has a corresponding well-known portal or forum on the Internet, in the industry website is relatively strong, almost all of the users are the goods to Taiwan exchange of learning. So in these platforms, users are our "target user", these love learning, love view of the industry user groups will determine the share of soft birth. If you want to build a personal brand in a particular industry or set up phenomenon, so the soft type is the best choice to share.


common in the marketing of soft paper is divided into three types, one type of soft news events, two type three type soft soft share speculation, we are following up on a specific operation of the three kind of soft Wen to discuss.

, a news event type soft

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