The core operation of the new fast included

railway station how to make search engines fast included? This is a lot of new on-line owners are more concerned about the problem, in fact, I am no exception, I have recently made a new health bar under my red dates, after site optimization to make red dates health bar within a week to make the search difficult included love Shanghai the engine had included, so the early new I do what optimization let website so quickly be included? Next to experience personally I share:

love Shanghai!The

for work in the network company’s sake, access to the site more, so often notice that many of the new station on the line before do not fully prepared, causing the site included time or when love was released by the Shanghai is too slow, so before the new station on the line to do the preparation are as follows:

finally the description of the website is best to set up well, and after set frequently not to modify, describe many webmaster friends that is not very important, so the new line is often not written description, although the description for the site’s ranking for early is not very important, but the latter for the website ranking or have some help. Because if the website description is enough to attract the attention of users, so it can promote the development of the site, to the rank of the website


first set the title of the site is said to be the site optimization is important, the title set can not only allow search engines to quickly know what we do, and we all know the website home page weight is the largest, the keyword layout here can be very important good give these keywords good weight, transfer to improve the ranking, but for many of the new sites online often find that they have no title or keyword layout layout good on-line after the regular changes, cause is not friendly to search engine, the structure of the site has not been included in the search engine

second: Web site content need to fill a portion of the


keyword (keywords) although the search engine do not think what is important for the ranking, almost negligible, but can still be appropriate keywords keywords layout is important, this kind of behavior for the search engine is also very friendly, do not remember new online accumulation of a large number of keywords in keywords, so to search engine you may think that the website cheating oh.

on the front line

: the first site title, keywords, description of the prior analysis, determination, set up

we all know a page to be search engine index, so it must be to have the user value of content information, if our website without any filling content, then the search engine spider came to our web site, without catching any content, so it is very not friendly to search engine, if a new search engine came several times not to grab any price.

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