Shanghai, the title of the soft writing skills good title by this thought out

three title writing skills Daquan

3. Keywords: many do Shanghai dragon friends, total love in the title deliberately stack keywords, here the number of occurrences of keywords of the title, only one: don’t try to stack keywords.

The importance of

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soft Wen title, I believe not to say we all know, whether it is to do the Shanghai dragon, or from the media operations, a good title to let traffic surge, the importance of the title as the face, especially in the face of the times, it is not difficult to imagine why so many girls are willing to spend so more time to make up, others do not know, but my girlfriend every morning at least up for half an hour, if you didn’t take the time to think of the title, is nothing more than a lazy or not inspiration, good title can not be written out a short duration of time, today to share with you how to write the title of the usual Cen Huiyu.

experience through practice that experience, and then share this kind of Title general user high credibility, who wants to see others through practice and conclusions, and integrate, strong reference.

headline content, let’s think about good location of the user’s search habits and needs an eye-catching title, must be sharply into the user’s heart, why others can create high amount of reading content, attraction is largely due to the title, how to analyze the user’s search habits and general requirements, through the drop-down box, search, love Shanghai index tools in mining, at the same time the content of the title is not a general title, must carry on the fine segmentation for a user.

1. core Keywords: every title has a core keywords, not Shanghai dragon can omit this step, the author took the title of this article, "Shanghai dragon title of the soft writing skills: good title is to rely on such thought out", the "Shanghai dragon soft the title writing" is the core point of this paper, the use of word segmentation segmentation, can be divided into "Shanghai dragon title writing", "the title of the soft writing skills" and so on, in front of the most important core in the title, get better weight distribution from Shanghai dragon’s perspective, but also convenient to the readers understand.

case. Before the The matching degree of the

2. the length of the title: the title of the article length must be controlled in less than 30 words, too long will seem tedious, here is not to do too much emphasis on.


example: write original articles how difficult? I write original articles in the years

two. Think about the user search habits and needs


. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon

The number of

1. type Title

The title refers to the so-called

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