Shanghai dragon will be permanently with search and exist not only needs to change the idea of Shang

is that we in Shanghai have debated the development of dragon and Phoenix, Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also immediately issued a related article, this article mainly expounds Yang Zi of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon development prospect is more optimistic, but also simple analysis of why some owners of Shanghai dragon to develop basic reason extremely negative attitude, this is not the article too much about interested friends can love Shanghai, let’s get.

said here last week Yang Zi Shanghai dragon with a boss 20 years engaged in traditional industries in the exchange their age at about more than 50 non Cobain was born, he said now Moumou Internet companies learn internet marketing has been more than a year, think of the development trend of the Internet is very good but he was his company’s official website is no one. A boss to study with him often said that he is too outdated, behind only built a website. When he and I talk to build a platform, I asked him to build what kind of platform, he also said it is not clear.

this year Shanghai Longfeng occupation employment situation is not optimistic compared with before, in accordance with the hurricane like development, especially now Internet plus the boom spawned many traditional companies are actively involved in the Internet boom, should Shanghai dragon Er personnel market demand is immeasurable, but on the current market situation is not to regard it as right.

said that for each of the above owners such as WeChat and APP are now indeed fire "is whether the person is a ghost" regardless of whether appropriate, their industry regardless of whether they have the ability to operate, regardless of the future, no matter how much the budget construction and operation team, regardless of the target users and potential users demand, regardless of the user experience and other anyway. Companies are doing this "I" to do so, or find out very OUT.

is now talking about Shanghai dragon seems to have far less heat in the year, in recent years there are many webmaster friends posting tell Shanghai dragon has declined no future at all, causing many in Shanghai Longfeng occupation have basically turned all the prospects of the future development of Shanghai dragon feeling extremely slim.

the reason everyone in Shanghai dragon and Yang Zi Public opinions are divergent., the webmaster will communicate this problem some say WeChat now is the fire that numerous enterprise attention is focused to the public and to the WeChat micro business, some Adsense said nowadays mobile Internet is so hot that we are playing mobile Internet in the construction of ecological APP his circle etc.. Therefore, many enterprises especially the traditional enterprises are not should pay attention to the position of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon that is a relatively simple concept (but not essential, Shanghai Longfeng effect is slow, and many enterprises do not have the patience to boss want to quickly get traffic fast money) in Yang Zi seems to have such a Shanghai dragon people do not understand completely or basically is not enough in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon which leads to such a mistake understanding.


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