The ability to really master Shanghai dragon must judge the trend of keywords

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I can tell you what is the word, what is this word is Shanghai dragon, when a new thing just came out, people would like to know what is the meaning of. If you can judge the trend, you proactively take the Shanghai dragon is what layout to your site, you are in this one step ahead of the competition, what have you got to win the. You choose the right keywords trend, you win at the starting line, and this has no competitive word, it is so easy, and seized the largest user demand, really do not want to win is not ah.


keyword is the ability to judge the trend of this industry is a bit you need very deep understanding, and determine its future development direction is how, this situation generally reflected in the new industry. For example, when in the nascent Shanghai dragon China, people can think of such a fire in Shanghai dragon industry has several? From the demand trend of view, when the user first when the word struck the Shanghai dragon in the search engine, search the following drop-down box or any related this information, when you judge the future appeared in the first word of the drop-down box or appear in the relevant search will be what.

but the trend will change, we still need to look ahead to see this change, and then to Shanghai dragon industry for example. With the Shanghai dragon industry matures, even the big city of Shanghai dragon came out. But we need to determine is the greatest demand in Shanghai dragon user groups abroad, remember what the Shanghai dragon keywords from up to 08 years to gradually withdraw from the stage of history. At this time the largest demand will become Shanghai dragon tools, because when the Shanghai dragon has been developed for many years, we are aware of the Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon personnel increase faster than the first personnel speed, so the demand for the largest professional personnel is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tools. Only white users would go to search what is Shanghai dragon, but this time is not the biggest group of white users and user groups, or the biggest demand. If you can put the pieces in the trend before the advent of the layout in us, and then receive the benefit.

keyword is the most important part in Shanghai Longfeng, especially some mainly to sales of e-commerce website, choose the right keywords directly determines the success or failure of this website. In the foreign mature market will have a professional keyword mining personnel, so the importance of keywords as long as it is experienced naturally needless to say, we may have seen a lot of mining or tutorials or keywords they studied. But today I want to propose a new keyword research method, that is the trend of keywords. This is actually quite difficult, because the trend is not to judge key technical point of view to be able to do, not you use several tools can do.



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