Shanghai love website snapshot afternoon update your website snapshot update.

Baidu recently a variety of actions, not only adjust the algorithm, but also the whole of a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, after the Shanghai dragon optimization market will have a certain standard. Link, the garbage mass chain such cheating will be.

recently love Shanghai total volatility, made a relatively larger update on the evening of June 14th, many webmaster reflect included the drop of the surge in the chain, ranking is not much fluctuation. All records included in the site snapshot, and the chain is basically every day, go to work at 8:30 when a query. This week the query site, found a strange phenomenon: the afternoon update snapshot. Take the results today website, the first picture is 8:20 in the morning snapshot query, in June 17th, the second picture is at noon 13:10 query, snapshot update to June 19th. Yesterday is the same situation, did not cause too much attention, in the A5 forum found that there are many owners have encountered the same situation. The love of Shanghai are not so frequently updated snapshot. In view of this phenomenon, a little change in love I guess the Shanghai algorithm.


two, guess 2: the snapshot update time update in the afternoon;


three, guess 3: why is your website snapshot in the afternoon to update the

the next snapshot of the site search engine is generally considered friendly, but now the snapshot update speed, snapshot search engine friendly site snapshot will guess later. Can use this standard as the test optimization performance of Shanghai dragon. Before there will be love in the afternoon Shanghai website snapshot update, but not everyday. The past 2 days every query is so, it was a bit strange.

I found this week and that other webmasters can reflect the updated snapshot of the time in the afternoon, after every webmaster should check several times website information, at least one morning, afternoon once, and then compare the results under two queries which changes, including the snapshot, included, the chain and so on. Afternoon update snapshot is always there, but the recent frequent update time snapshot guess may be adjusted in the afternoon.


, guess 1: before the next snapshot may be adjusted for the snapshot;


not all website snapshot update is timely, and in the afternoon for the snapshot update. Every morning I released a number of external links to the site, the 2 sites are so hand in charge, and is also the snapshot will be updated every afternoon. And query other website, found that not all websites can get the snapshot. We can guess: some external links to website snapshot will update.

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