An impregnable team if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his toolsThree min

in this case, you should come out as a hub and transfer them. A and B have contradictions, there are barriers, communication is not in place, then you can communicate with A Jun, and then communicate with B Jun, through your hub, between AB to convey their views, and play a mediating role.

in fact, there are many grassroots brother before the article is talking about the team, said some not enough, in this case, we might as well before the expansion of the content. A strong team, but not pull a few very close brothers on the stack into a team, of course, the two argument is that a strong team should have a chemical reaction, rather than physical reaction, chemical reaction occurs, will ultimately produce an explosion phenomenon. Well, don’t get.

if you listen to calumny and pull brother grassroots around the best friends and brothers team entrepreneurship, then congratulations, you have embarked on a road of no return. Such a team, each member may but is more dear to each other as brothers, A, and B you very well, and you are very good, but not too many connections between AB, is because you have AB physical overlay to a block, then, two people who are not familiar with, very likely because no, not too much friendship and conflict and misunderstanding, and even become the grassroots team to disband, brother also experienced such things.

a team must have a leader, in ancient times called big family, became a regular army, called CEO. This is what to use? Thinking, in addition to the identity and status of high, play a pivotal role mainstay and another team, of course, which we all know, we start from the bottom and analysis.

Hello, I’m a grass root brother, and I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience I did not update in the last half month. In the past half a month, the grassroots team a little brother collapsed, some very discordant things happened within the team for grassroots brother in the past half a month in the treatment team that team is the premise and foundation of all undertakings, so reluctantly will update the article work to put down, fortunately, problems and contradictions within the team has the perfect solution, in the first article in the renewal of the recovery, the grassroots will brother talk about the team.

of course, the above statement seems too childish, but in fact, playing a central role is not easy. Only in the AB between the transmission of information, it is clearly not enough, as the team grows, then ABC three characters, and even ABCDEXXXX role between any two roles, probably we need to play a central role in mediation, our team members to a piece of paper, and each role together with line, imagine a >

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The following is

News: Chinese three ministries today hit for five mobile phone SMS illegal behavior



mainstay: you know,

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