A website win in the four principles of the starting point

website development direction and the goal is the premise of success, so it must be a comprehensive assessment based on individual strengths and resources optimization webmaster in the early stage of development, analysis from different angles, such as the webmaster do stand experience, have the resources and analysis of earnings forecast and preliminary on the same site profit model competition situation and the degree of market saturation, website development difficulty of comprehensive analysis, to find their own advantages and shortcomings, weaknesses, advantages, find the most suitable for their own website development, to the operation of the site to reasonable planning and positioning, and development of reference the same situation, peer site, development plan, which is to ensure the follow-up development and strive for the successful premise.

The correct positioning of the

user is fundamental to the survival and development of the website and the success of the system, to use a variety of methods to attract and retain users, the website has stable old users, in order to ensure the stability of the flow, and constantly improve and on the basis of the overall number of users. To do this, you need to in the construction site at the beginning of setting up "development route of high quality and self requirements, use a website design is concise, clear and comprehensive, including website style, column setting, details function etc. as far as possible to highlight the details, so that users get a good experience on the other; on the one hand, by virtue of high quality content to the website highlighting the quality advantage, allowing users to the site in the early can obtain needed information or data, in order to enhance the user stickiness for the website, improve the rate of return, to gather more users to.

three, attached to the Shanghai dragon are guaranteed for optimization, from first to last

two, focusing on user experience design with high quality website and content aggregation user

website!The analysis of

, a multi angle, to determine the direction and goals of the correct and reasonable

is a rapid increase in the number of Internet users in our country, the demand to use the Internet to find information and browsing information more and more; on the other hand is the emergence of a successful web site more and more, in establishing the famous brand at the same time is to obtain very considerable benefits! This will become the choice of many people do stand to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, or as a way of increasing the power of income, so the number of new owners are increasing, there are more new sites put into operation every day, which led directly to the station to do the competition between becoming more intense, want to do stand far more difficult than the success of a few years ago the situation in the background! Next, how to win? Owners need to plan ahead, adhere to the four principles of establishment, to win at the starting point

search engine friendly website

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the current site in the development process can not avoid important problems, good for website optimization through good rankings and included get more traffic has a direct impact, especially in the face of similar site competition, good optimization can make your site more competitive and more chances of winning. Let the site win at the starting point, will be "at the beginning of the site


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