Selection of Amoy products industry from the optimization point of view website


product industry

From the view of The so-called

website optimization, keyword is to your website to the search engine ranking first by means of technology, bring the user to your site, creating benefits. Technical things I did not say here, but there is a commonplace talk of an old scholar in website optimization in two words:

sum up, I think part of the Tao station.

your site to meet the needs of users. Good user experience in website optimization can not only give you extra points, and then the conversion effect is self-evident.

station do user experience is to let users pay for consumption, but you do not understand the industry, do not know your target customers consumer psychology, how can you make the user experience. The key of the user experience to do is stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue.

1, the content can not do

Website Optimization Website Amoy products industry

with the development of Shanghai dragon training, whether in the station or did not enter in Changye grassroots webmaster or preparing to enter into this circle of people I believe that the golden years listening to the most is Shanghai dragon and Taobao guest single page station. As long as you choose a high commission sales of good products, and then choose some products and related keywords, set up a good website, updated daily articles and send the chain do website optimization, money to shua. But we can say this line 2/3 site died, network marketing analyst Sensen believes that the crux of the problem lies in the choice of products industry website.

What is the user experienceIs

2, the user experience is poor


most of my friends station is not good or die optimization problem is out here. They only know how to choose a good product, but do not understand the product knowledge, so do stand in the process of writing a high quality content, only the second, or pseudo original, or is the acquisition, which harm the website optimization I think everyone should know.

What is the

products industry is a product of the industry. For example, L-carnitine is certain weight loss in this industry. Most do station friends know to choose a high commission, sales, customer service, good user evaluation of good products, but ignored the choice of industry products.

2, the content is king, the chain for emperor

more the better the quality of the original articles and more correlation between the high quality of the chain is the basic work site optimization.

, as previously stated, the choice of a good product, and then write a large number of related products and the high quality of the original article, the chain and high quality, and good user experience, this is the foundation of the Tao do website must have, then we subject what problems will come.

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