How large and small website competition

said the small website with high-quality content will eventually become larger sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Google once as a small website, eventually becomes a station, a few such examples, because they are more focus on user experience, and provide more value. If you make a good website ranking now than content and better user experience, as time goes on, you will get better performance.

according to the small website how large and the competition of this problem, Google gives advice is to create a better content, because over time, it is ranked one of the best ways before.


can see Google did not deny the large flow site get better ranking, more did not deny the large website will have better ranking, on the one hand, and the recognition search engine at present, while the more important aspect is that the search needs of users, because the search engine is to give users a better search reply so, to determine the ranking because there are many, such as: the website authority, site level, user experience, response links and so on. Not just because you are original to put you in the front row, this is not necessarily the best search results. In fact, users care about is the content has no value to him? No? Not this content is available for those who, so if others reprint your article, the additional value added to your original experience, better than you a hundred times, it is not in the row of you the front? I believe you also hope to see the search results.


your site has not always been large pressure? Your original articles have been reprinted in large number in front of you? Did you think the search engine preference to the station and station station? Fight ranking problem has been raised, especially small sites with high-quality content always indignant, feel unfair. So how to large and small sites

also because of this, Google can only suggest that continue to create better content, simply can not guarantee the other, because quality content can promote ranking, and no one said > algorithm


and this, Google first does not agree to a brand website will naturally lead to higher flow and better search ranking hypothesis, but Google did not completely deny this, saying it is not always right. Because many smaller sites are usually able to launch fresh content faster than large sites, such ability usually means to get a higher ranking in the search results.

recently Google Webmaster Platform is webmaster asked small sites with high-quality content to exceed ranking has a large flow site? A regional or national brand sites have higher flow, which leads to a higher ranking, and then continue to flow, the higher the cycle, this is a a vicious spiral. Small and large

website how to compete?

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