The feasibility analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Project Outsourcing

The analysis of

in addition to high quality content, another decisive factor is the high quality of the chain. The chain is on the one hand up, one day a time out, most people feel tired, especially the heart.

2, the content of the feasibility of


Shanghai dragon is the key content of high quality, and the common content is webmaster optimization of the bottleneck problem, there is market demand, people have to help you create the content, or the original. This relatively, outsourcing, a day or a month on Monday to check to see whether the good love included Shanghai, whether included to delete the phenomenon, good is not good to stop outsourcing outsourcing. I think there is a certain feasibility of outsourcing content.

The whole point of

1, Shanghai dragon outsourcing

outsourcing, undertaking who can honestly help you optimize it, thousands of dollars, for several months, a few employees can only fix overhead? Is their survival, so ZhengZhan outsourcing is not feasible.

secondly, we analyze the feasibility of

The analysis of station

has a lot of outsourcing ads are claimed only a week, 10 days and a half months to let you love Shanghai ranked top. However, according to my experience optimized a little value of keywords, there are hundreds of index keywords, using white hat means, do love Shanghai before three will be at least 3 months. On the home page for a month, the other at combat webmaster is not in vain, love Shanghai not live up to concentrate on operators, certainly some black hat occupied home example quickly, but few of them can long-term.

since 2003 China began to appear in Shanghai dragon in this industry, to now become the necessary skills of webmaster, is a hot topic of discussion forum of stationmaster of second place. It is derived from a variety of optimization methods and Realization of thinking, Shanghai Longfeng project outsourcing is one of them.

3, the chain outsourcing feasibility

as the recent love Shanghai BOSS said, not all people are suitable for business, not all owners are suitable for Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng requirements must be the norm in the webmaster attitude, perseverance must be strong enough to hold, the mood must be stable enough to face the ravages of love Shanghai must have enough patience, must stick to the strategy of content + chain. However, not all characters are consistent with the requirements, there are many owners anxious, a month is not included, no ranking will give up, there is a part of the webmaster active thinking, simple technology such disdain in mechanical, Shanghai dragon outsourcing also application is born, only one thousand eight hundred dollars, you can will you outside of the chain, and even out of the whole site optimization outsourcing, greatly reducing the webmaster hard, you just want to be profitable.

first, we analyze the emergence of Shanghai dragon outsourcing background

Shanghai Longfeng Project OutsourcingFeasibility analysis of

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