King opened the Shanghai dragon circles the true face of pseudo experts (a)

two features: simple complex problems

first, do not deny that there are still some delicious expert network Shanghai dragon circles, such as Cardiff, ZAC etc.. In recent years, King found Shanghai dragon seems to overnight, out of a large number of those who claim to be experts, staggering. In the business community, do some packaging is no ground for blame, but excessive packaging, but some people. Open circles network pseudo experts face, pseudo experts have the following features:

features: three fuzzy rhetoric, explain some phenomenon

some of the so-called experts, self proclaimed too many titles, such as: a certain website founder, chief operating officer of the company, the core members of an organization, a website guest, a website columnist, Moumou expert. The title is more, inside more guilty. The real experts only one or two titles, such as Cardiff, Shanghai dragon why founder, is a title, although only a title, but enough to win the admiration and respect.

some of the so-called experts, he is perhaps half a bucket of water, but also learn from others to recruit disciples, the nets, publicity everywhere. Although the only trick some rookie, but rookie number, one is a flicker, no flicker new what technical content, the ability of the novice or more than sufficient flicker.

some of the so-called experts, most love simple to complicate the problem, to show their profound. Such a method is conducive to Shanghai dragon, but to write a passage to go around, in fact, that is the words, do not know is a brain problem, or pretend to be profound, some old concepts, but also love the same old stuff, let people get bored.

of course how to judge whether the pseudo experts, without a clear judgment of the boundaries is not pseudo experts and well-known. Some famous experts called, is actually more in name than in reality. Finally, I hope everyone has their independent judgment. Www.qs01贵族宝贝 king original, A5 first, please.

first statement: the king does not have any sour heart, just want to clean up the Internet environment, to know the network community spam now everywhere, plus some of the frivolous exaggeration, make the network more The atmosphere was foul. In the network world, king never claim to be an expert, a real expert has never been self styled, we recognize you, to you.

some of the so-called experts, love can not explain some phenomena with fuzzy speech interpretation, to show their experience. For example: search engine ranking interior modulation, fluctuations are normal, the website also needs to be improved, perhaps by artificial keywords. In fact, this explanation would not say no, because some phenomenon is really hard to explain, but always repeat these words, some people feel exhausted.

features: package, self styled title of a lot of

four features: imitate others, others also recruit apprentice

pretend to be profound.

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