Keywords Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging ideas

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keyword is Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging personnel must master the skills. If there is no way to judge the degree of difficulty to keyword ranking. Cannot estimate the keyword value and need to spend manpower. To Shanghai dragon work. Today at SEMKEY and we talk about the Shanghai dragon keyword competition the difficulty of some judgment method. Not very comprehensive. I hope to give you some ideas.

the Shanghai Longfeng people understand that there is not much to say. With the keyword "silver ornaments" as an example. Using search engines love Shanghai. For example, the "silver ornaments" the keywords to find relevant results about 3470000, can basically determine the word belongs to the medium difficulty. Optimization requires a certain amount of work.

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needs more title keyword ranking, optimization of our competitors, the more the number of. On the other hand, relatively few competitors. Or we arrange and estimate the difficulty of optimization. We can use the intitle: keyword in the search engine to determine the degree of competition in the word. Although some words related to the number of results is less than 500 thousand, which belongs to the simple optimization, but if the number of page title keyword. What explains this word is also a fierce competition. We have carefully analyzed the chain of these pages and included, this is also the third criteria for judging.


, a search results the number of words

two, the title page keyword related results number

four, keyword ranking is the page or inside pages

The number of

is less than or equal to 5 million (more than 1 million) belongs to the optimization of medium difficulty.

search results returned by the number of keywords, keyword optimization more difficult. And the more likely to. The unknown concluded some standard is not very comprehensive, we are for reference only.

is less than or equal to 500 thousand simple optimization difficulty.

keyword ranking page chain domain name and included more. The greater the competition. The optimization of the more difficult. Need to carefully study this point. This is not the word is the key and difficulty of the competitors. On the other hand, the optimization of relative competitive small, relatively reduce the difficulty.

To optimize the

is less than or equal to 8 million (more than 5 million) optimization on the middle part of the difficulty, need certain work and skills.

number is not smaller than 10 million belong to the high difficulty of optimization. The need to accumulate skills and spend time and a certain number of.

three, keyword ranking page chain domain name and included

is less than or equal to 1 million (and more than 500 thousand) to optimize the difficulty.

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