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cool company general manager Pan Jun said that for a large class of hundreds of millions of information website, website title search or full-text search, to ensure that the search speed, ease of use, the use of expansion. Is a difficult problem to enterprises. The search function now love Shanghai Webmaster Platform completely help us solve this problem. In addition to submit the search results page, set the search appearance, can also associate love Shanghai alliance, to search data analysis, search.

How to evaluate

August 16th -8 month 25 days, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the "3000 first search authority" activities, activities during the day to send out 300 search permission. As long as we are Webmaster Platform verified on the website, you can participate in the activities, a love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform account every day there are 10 chance draw, because it is at 10 in the morning every day to send out 300 search permissions, so the sooner in the higher chance of winning. Search activities address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/customsearch

A5 webmaster search marketing director Tang Shijun love Shanghai station search, and a powerful webmaster tools, for each site are more practical, search volume is bigger, there is no need to worry about the pressure on the server. Love Shanghai station search can be added to the search page, search logo related domain name, custom search results and search box style style, statistical data can also search; and love the Shanghai union revenue account interconnection. At present the A5 station network, have been searching in the use of the sea in the station, opened very fast, more accurate search results.


? ? What How to configure



if you are in search for website results are not accurate and troubled? To worry about the search cost of server and human development is heavy, as the search data is not updated in a timely manner and distress? In order to solve the above problems, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform in 2013 launched search tools, help owners to easily create their own search engine.

search the search for "love Shanghai custom station (Custom Search)", aims to help owners at low cost to provide high quality service for the users to search the site. Through the search tool, you can customize the search results page: show the style, enhance the user experience; the allocation of advertising, advertising revenue; relying on the love of Shanghai search technology, the web server and reduce labor costs.

when we get search permission, can be found in other search tools Webmaster Platform under configuration. Then fill in the basic information, access to our website can be placed above, as shown in figure

in search of

is to search the

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