Optimize the grasp of the details using pictures to make the website more humane

Insert the picture

article Ming Rui original share, please keep the 贵族宝贝whmzt贵族宝贝 >.

four, the

optimization are all summed up in 8 words, of course, I say here is not how to do original how to send the chain, you have to do is to rise above the common herd do fine, people should wash, so the details are particularly important, following analysis of pictures in website optimization details.

LOGO pictures, most sites will let the chain to the home page, in order to let keyword optimization play a greater effect, many people will insert keywords are ALT, IE and ALT will be compiled into a TITLE attribute, so the user experience will be poor. My approach is to insert keywords in ALT, TITLE write XXX web page.

Do images;

many Internet companies hang the technical support is very tangled, such as hanging on the XXX website this hyperlink, although can play a keyword optimization, but this is obviously not normal, no brand benefit. This is similar with the above, insert the XX network picture, ALT label XX website, TITLE bid for XX network. In addition to speak here also to talk about the practice of the search engine will not be mistaken for fraud (ALT, TITLE inconsistent). If I were a user, I refer to the picture to see the title is what I knew this picture, obviously I won’t go right to see the source code to see the ALT attribute, similarly, as the spider is the same, he looked at the ALT time also will not see TITLE, such trouble with the user is similar the.

two and LOGO

three, hang


, using a background image, URL is more accurate;

I believe we all know that the search engine can not identify the picture recognition, basically rely on ALT, that is to say we insert the picture properly again in the article, the search engine is an original article, and pictures inserted with good user experience will increase, because the picture is concise.


technical support;

is mainly reflected in the news list page, I see there is a point in front of a lot of website news list title, this point there are still many different, such as some station is · (intermediate point, Sogou input method, V1 g, is this), is to add a middle point in front of each news. I think it is not desirable, and this point, URL became the two + titles, with the title of the page is not the point, this point is a waste not only share the weight but also possible side effects (such as fraud. ), then how to solve? Is very simple, as long as make a picture, and then in the CSS for this kind of URL with a background picture, as for how to write is not here to teach, so although the trouble spots but has very obvious effect.

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