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although the final model is exactly what it seems, and no one wants to clear, but some people have made use of "live" to earn pots full bowl surplus. And the influx of entrepreneurs, investment institutions, but also to the industry itself also brings opportunities. Net red, technology platform, edge small innovation…… Titanium media reporter hopes to find and inventory of the industry on the live chain, what new revenue opportunities are being obtained?.

: A: choose the best advertising format – more high-quality advertising.

according to Analysys think tank data show that as of now there are more than two hundred live APP, in addition to pepper, Ying Betta, YY guest, you call on the name of the star of the company, there are more unknown to the public finance, sports, electricity providers and other vertical areas live APP.

put an advertisement in the highest position – click on your ad click rate doubled.

increase the click rate at the same time, is also very important to increase the display advertising volume, so you can meet all of your advertising policy AdSense website and web pages, also can put 2 or 3 ad unit on a page, users see the opportunity to increase advertising.

‘s first screen ad click rate is far higher than the second screen ads, while more than half of advertisers in choosing sites to advertise, will give priority to select advertising sites in the first screen. According to the experience of providing optimized services to publishers, we recommend the following advertising display sites: Home / two channels, home / list pages – opening first screen ads, harvesting the most value. 728X90 banners, 160X600 skyscrapers, or 300X250 rectangular boxes are good for local conditions.

June, held a new conference in Hainan Boao an automobile manufacturer invited a dozen anchor scene, so the conference site can be seen everywhere a delicate makeup, good-looking girl with a self timer lever at the mobile phone automatic speaking.

industry and competitive hot contrast, single brush, burn, network bandwidth cop, these seemingly negative words have revealed a false prosperity of the industry, and with hundreds of net red we referred to live, it is but a marketing a brokerage company planning.

for you to uncover several websites by advertising revenue. AdSense advertising revenue = AdSense, advertising volume, X ad click rate, X ad price, and any factor on the right side of the formula will have immediate effects on revenue growth.



300X250 box is most suitable for the pip; another option is below or above the content by placing banner ads; and is also a good side in the pages of skyscrapers placed around a choice.


, if you need more detailed instructions, welcome to download our optimization collection, "shlf1314 AdSens>"

net is a direct red boom, the front end of the first to benefit people, after all the user reward money can be naked into their pockets, and the talent pool in this process in the PC era has been very mature, now they need to do is to transfer the position.

, along with the term "net red incubator", is somewhat similar, but not identical, to the guild concept of the YY era. According to the "net red eco white paper" shows that the current domestic market, net red incubator, brokerage companies accounted for nearly 23.8%.

Here we have

the live broadcast caused a stir. These girls are seated in the press box behind, and this is from the "Silk stir high-ranking" media people — every female anchor are regarded as a KOL, 100 anchor, 9 platforms, covering about 5000000 users, this brings broadcast communication effect may be far more than a few manuscript reporter to the good.

, 728X90300X250, and 160X600 are the best advertising formats. The advantages of these three advertising formats are: they can form a relatively strong reading area and get better attention; there are more advertisements and more advertisements; they are more likely to trigger multimedia advertisements and enrich advertising sources. If you do not use the three dimensions of advertising, then you are losing the most opportunities! In addition, please ensure that you choose to generate advertising "text and image ads the default, this ad will be compatible with various forms of multimedia advertising.

Quebec will be so

forum page – 728X90 banner below the first post is the best choice.

: three increase in advertising page.


With the

net red manufacturing machine

in the past two months, such a scene is not uncommon. Including a day earlier, the Meizu MX6 conference also "style" mutation, specially invited 23 red female anchor network to broadcast conference. Watching the anchor on the mobile phone, one of the important scene became "Live Room", although the broadcast is not fresh, but the scene is shocking enough.

content page   the upper left corner of the content, the bottom of the content, or the recommended link near the side.

Abstract: Live hot, so that entrepreneurs, investment institutions flocked into the industry, bringing new opportunities to different industries, many people in this chain has access to new revenue opportunities.

forum also do not easily ignore, practice has proved that the first post placed banner ads, not only click the effect is good, but also conducive to the online experience of users.


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