Noble baby search results of pre loaded interpretation judgment based on historical data

has been able to achieve this effect, because the baby was already on the search results page aristocrats of pre loaded. According to the current principle, once enabled instant search results page, the first page will be pre loaded in the background, and only pre loaded on the first result. And trigger instant page function requires certain conditions.

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is Sina Technology and Richard Rabbat dialogue record:

"pre loading the appropriate search results is a challenging problem," Richard Rabbat said that if the user will click on the false results, will cause the waste of resources such as bandwidth of computer. Therefore, only the nobility that baby full grasp, will enable the pre loading function.

Sina: the release of the new Instant Pages technology, will be applied in the search results will have a special message for

Richard Rabbat said that although the application of instant page function only in the noble baby Chrome browser development version at present, but will appear in the beta version. According to the plan, this function will soon be integrated into the stable version of Chrome browser. Then, ordinary users can use this service.

July 5th afternoon, noble baby’s instant page (Instant Pages) technology, to the user’s search results of pre loading, reduce the total search time 2-5 seconds. In this regard, the noble baby product manager Richard Rabbat in Sina Technology and communication, this technology is mainly based on previously accumulated historical data.


instant page technique, is a noble baby called "Make the Web Faster" ("let the team plan faster). This team mainly focused on improving the noble baby product performance, especially in the search, but also relates to the development Picasa, Docs applications such as the noble baby. (Shu Shi


held nobility baby prior to the Insider Search conference, announced the launch of new features such as instant pages. Allegedly, in the open instant pages function, users click on Google search results, can be "almost without delay loading site pictures and text, is not affected by the new page loading time.


according to the historical data, judgment standard of nobility baby mainly based on the accumulated.

Richard Rabbat: at present, using the development version of it only functions in the noble baby Chrome in the browser, the future will be released in the beta version, in the stable version shortly after publication, users can also use the.

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