Love the sea through the station 301 jump after the pain

2, the 301 jump after about a week or so time, love Shanghai K off all the Columns page and inside pages, only home page snapshot data; normal; home page keyword ranking is normal; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "love sea index", in about 400.

, cervical vertebra disease network was the first independent operation starting from 0 sites, more than two months ago found a domain name web log space index a large number of love Shanghai, and I was pushing the main domain name with WWW two domain names, so cruel as the station’s 301 jump. Many people love Shanghai on the 301 jump in the induction period is relatively long (now think that meaning is unknown, but I think ah), since falling in love with the sea expressly support 301 jump, 301 jump after impact on the site should not, but the cruel reality tells me, webmaster friends must be careful for the station’s 301 jump.

1, in 301, before the jump, the amount included in the network of cervical spondylosis in about 400, Shanghai love weight is 1, in addition to home "cervical spondylosis, cervical vertebra disease symptoms such as core keywords ranking, the key word column page also has some words such as" health cervical pillow "the article page ranking, some long tail keywords ranking snapshot; love Shanghai normal; the day included or seconds.

4, after more than two months, after a love Shanghai update, site included the amount of overnight recovery from 1 to more than 200, then the next day to more than 400, then the next day to more than 500 articles included day or seconds; normal snapshot; home page keyword ranking has improved, the new part of the article page keywords >

3, after a long period of time, the day included snapshot normal, or seconds, the next day after love Shanghai site data is still 1; no column page and the article page long tail keywords source; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "fall in love with the sea index quantity gradually increased with fluctuations. Here, the construction of the chain still maintain a certain amount, but Links included effects affected by. The home page keyword ranking slightly rise; Shanghai normal love picture data; in the page and column page site data is still 0; column page and the article page keywords ranking 0;

next, I for details I made 301 jumps (setting station level domain name ***贵族宝贝 to jump to the two level domain name www.***贵族宝贝) before and after the change and process:

as everyone knows, the major search engines are recognized by the 301 jump, 301 jump is also considered the site large-scale change jiumingcao. In addition, a domain name and two level domain name with a web site, also can use 301 jump weight. So the 301 jump by many webmaster content. The ASP program with the author’s previous website, but is unable to do the virtual host, total 301 jump, only to do the main domain name to ***贵族宝贝 domain www.***贵族宝贝 two jump, did not see much abnormal.

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