Local portal site channel page optimization method

website to provide the latest market information is important information of information need to be hot, than the same industry information site more avant-garde, along with the Internet competition degree increased, the website construction must have bright, innovative business model. The information channels need to call in the home plate, information channels can be in the top-level domain WWW content, many portals in the channel page using two domain names, the contents of all in the two level domain name, home call is also two level domain name, this is not conducive to the optimization of the home page. The different call Advisory channels, "more" tab navigation links to pages, in order to reduce the loss of weight, "more" anchor text links with nofollow label shield.

real estate real estate channel

local real estate information portal website is the major channel of the core, each channel can bring search traffic to the site, different channel optimization methods are also different. Although the home page weight high website, but portal information may not all the information placed on the home page, channel page should also be reasonable use, channel page how to optimize? The author to share some channel page optimization method.

real estate portal website information, real estate information website is the largest drainage channel. Real estate channel Title Principle: real name – – front page headline event classification. Such as: Xuzhou real estate – Xuzhou new homes — Xuzhou * * real estate network. The hyperlink page in all real estate projects related to the unified name add to the page; all the property name of the parts as far as possible with the name of real estate, not replaced by other words; the hyperlink text is inserted into the appropriate keywords; mentioned real estate, real name to add a hyperlink property page is introduced to the market; where the information content, design of fixed template, to its own originality; the information content page to edit the page, add the information and information relevant to the theme page. Property pages to show detailed content to the user, the user wants to test what information from the sale, to optimize and perfect the sale page needs to contain "real estate home, real estate prices, real estate, real estate, real estate forum dynamic photo album, online customer service, to provide users a full range of real estate information. For customer comments page real estate channel, this page can shield the nofollow tag, reduce website weight loss.

market information channel

channel with the classification structure is complete and clear, not only can improve the website user experience, increase the user’s browsing quantity, but also can increase the depth of the spider crawl site, improve the site included. Here we share construction classification structure property website:


page classification clear channel


News Channel: the column page -> page -> the lower part; the list page > the content page list page -> -> real estate real estate >;

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