Optimization of personnel entering the line we rely on what for their dignity

first, seriously need to master the basic skills of tamp optimization. The author is very appropriate for the new investment is necessary, investment money is the time we save, for example, can buy a small investment in Shanghai Longfeng books, this lot, search on the line. After all the basic knowledge of many books are written very detailed, any of the books is enough for you to use, we all study method is the most common example, the author believes that the global forum is a way of learning a lot of new people, but it has a disadvantage that if there is no basis only with some forum posts that is very difficult to understand and grasp the system, ten thousand steps back even if someone is willing to teach you, if you are in the 0 state, but also do not understand what others write. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to set aside some time every day to learn the best basic knowledge of some professional system of teaching. Especially some novice in some QQ group to ask questions, but why don’t you go to see the

third, the practice or practice. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, my teacher is a Ariza’s books, the theory as the base, we have to make the theory and Practice for the application of knowledge will only play their value. Speaking of which, I have to mention one of my friend, he is also engaged in this area, because he told me a word, this sentence is more influential to me — if you want to learn Shanghai dragon, the best for some web based code can understand, can use some open source program build a web site, and then from A to Z according to their own.

as an optimization personnel must be persistent and for Shanghai dragon learning regardless of personal danger, especially a new Shanghai dragon Er, we may have to pay more effort than others, optimizing the personnel entering the line we rely on to win for themselves what dignity? The author has today to talk to you, we also have new recruits instead, we are not discouraged, not impetuous, the mentality is, effort is the oars, believe in yourself you can do.

data? Now I would like to own

in the first to enter the industry when some experiences and share my own self is to break the bottleneck, and enhance the rapid method of obtaining views.

second, or continue to study and in-depth study. Shanghai dragon mastery of basic knowledge, and can not explain what, we just continue to improve the basic foundation. Especially for the Shanghai dragon industry, the search engine algorithm is fast changing, if you choose the Shanghai dragon engaged in this industry, you will encounter a lot of people in this industry, there is a certain foundation to pave the way for the next, you must learn is the thinking of others and to optimize the process. This communication is a must, this time we used the way of learning Shanghai dragon forum, QQ group, line sharing came in handy, we can add a few Shanghai dragon QQ group, can learn to share your insights, look at others for the optimization of understanding and cognition, which is very necessary.

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