Shi Yuning to share my understanding of Shanghai Dragon

then, if we are not willing to work for others, then we can do a personal webmaster, such as shop owner, Shanghai dragon can provide long-term, stable and high quality traffic to your site, for you.

study of Shanghai Longfeng is built on the basis of the website, so before learning Shanghai dragon set up an own website is a must. A lot of people mentioned website, Mongolia, feel that it is a very great thing. In fact, we will learn the establishment of Shanghai dragon is a long time. But before we just learn to build a web site with the open source program can start your study in Shanghai Longfeng road.

3, Shanghai dragon before

first of all, there are many enterprises now, and most companies have their own product website, to sell products through the website, it will need a large number of Shanghai Longfeng talents, we also have a place to learn Shanghai dragon, but according to the latest market to analysis data show that Shanghai Longfeng professional talent shortage, so we can learn Shanghai, to solve the employment problem of our.

2, what is the purpose of

from a rookie to just contact Shanghai dragon now has more than half a year in the first half of this year, the Shanghai dragon road can go rough, but also quite harvest. Have someone else optimized website, own independent business website. From the practice, summed up the Shanghai dragon is not so difficult to imagine learning. Here today myself some understanding of Shanghai dragon’s share out, because there are still a lot of people and I had the same, very strange to Shanghai dragon, do not know what is the Shanghai dragon! Do not know Shanghai dragon can bring what you! But do not know how to learn Shanghai dragon in everyone’s mind painting! On another question, so I put my own understanding of the Shanghai, and share with everyone.

1, what is the Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon

: search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization), refers to the basis of natural ranking mechanism in the understanding of search engines, internal and external to the website optimize, thereby increasing the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website marketing and brand building. Also called website optimization, keyword ranking.

4, Shanghai dragon can do what to learn.

Shanghai dragon is the purpose of the site to the location of Shanghai dragon naturally good in Shanghai or Google. For our site to bring a lot of cheap traffic. (flow: if we had a supermarket, then the flow is equivalent to the site to the supermarket to guests. On the Internet, we will call it IP. We through the Shanghai dragon) for your site brings guests, is not able to make their sites profitable

Shanghai dragon

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