Some disadvantages of the construction site in the chain is keenly aware of

site list page also is the site of the two pages, like home page is the right-hand man to play an important role in website optimization, friends have been asking my web site list page is independent or belong to your home page.

contact network from 05 years to now six or seven years, from the beginning of the just chatting online music and movies to come into contact with the construction site, learning ASP,.Net then exposed to PHPCMS, the construction of a website seems to be very simple, can understand HTML basically can make a website. The website is done do publicity nobody, nobody knows everything is equal to zero, and so began the road network optimization in Shanghai Longfeng mine, began to A5 some Adsense online to learn slowly to understand the Shanghai dragon and deeply attracted me, is always feeling will inevitably encounter some drawbacks today, come to talk about a few construction chain within the site from my keenly aware of problems.

at the beginning of my own learning time is doing optimization of several blogs, by contrast, stand 1 keywords don’t tube it is like a network company that made no matter, 2 keywords in the home density control in 3%-4% station, 3 is to optimize the key word density over 5% are transferred to above, the optimization results as can be imagined…

website must give a sense of beauty, don’t let people look to feel visual fatigue, the website is like a beauty, beauty will look, try not to use Flash Web page, so as not to affect the speed of opening, this must add keywords and target keywords density distribution proportion as far as possible in the home is 3%-4%. Can not be too high, otherwise there will be suspected of cheating, even home is K, must pay attention to this point.

two web page

I just opened the website is never clear what is the use of keywords or keywords, has been repeated, that time is like a total more than less good, hope everyone here in place of the website keywords don’t make similar mistakes.

we all know the three major themes of title, keywords and factor description to optimize fatal to the website, specifically how to write here is not specific details, can love Shanghai to a lot of results, here to remind the beginning of the new station do not choose keywords over hot, generally choose love index in Shanghai you can choose between 100-200 and 3-4 keywords, etc. these make up slowly heated door keywords that is good, we like to participate in the marathon goal section so that we have more power as end point segment, remember keyword, description of the website must the website all target keywords to string in a readable language this is very friendly to the search engine.


. Website target keywords

. site list page.

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