Month: September 2017

Optimization of personnel entering the line we rely on what for their dignity

first, seriously need to master the basic skills of tamp optimization. The author is very appropriate for the new investment is necessary, investment money is the time we save, for example, can buy a small investment in Shanghai Longfeng books, this lot, search on the line. After all the basic knowledge of many books are written very detailed, any of the books is enough for you to use, we all study method is the most common example, the author believes that the global forum is a way of learning a lot of new people, but it has a disadvantage that if there is no basis only with some forum posts that is very difficult to understand and grasp the system, ten thousand steps back even if someone is willing to teach you, if you are in the 0 state, but also do not understand what others write. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to set aside some time every day to learn the best basic knowledge of some professional system of teaching. Especially some novice in some QQ group to ask questions, but why don’t you go to see the read more

How to use the robots.txt method and use detailed configuration files

file on the robots.txt function: User-agent the value of the name used to describe the search engine Robot, must have at least one User-agent record; if User-agent >

access to the wp-content directory

robots.txt file is very simple, usually starts with User-agent, containing one or more lines of Disallow or Allow records; in the robots.txt file you can use the "#" notes, the use of specific methods and PHP; in addition, the robots.txt file support *|$|? Wildcard etc.. A simple example of how to write robots.txt file #? User-agent: * # to all search engines Robot open Disallow: /wp-content/ # banned any content read more

Local portal site channel page optimization method

website to provide the latest market information is important information of information need to be hot, than the same industry information site more avant-garde, along with the Internet competition degree increased, the website construction must have bright, innovative business model. The information channels need to call in the home plate, information channels can be in the top-level domain WWW content, many portals in the channel page using two domain names, the contents of all in the two level domain name, home call is also two level domain name, this is not conducive to the optimization of the home page. The different call Advisory channels, "more" tab navigation links to pages, in order to reduce the loss of weight, "more" anchor text links with nofollow label shield. read more

Love the sea through the station 301 jump after the pain

2, the 301 jump after about a week or so time, love Shanghai K off all the Columns page and inside pages, only home page snapshot data; normal; home page keyword ranking is normal; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "love sea index", in about 400.

, cervical vertebra disease network was the first independent operation starting from 0 sites, more than two months ago found a domain name web log space index a large number of love Shanghai, and I was pushing the main domain name with WWW two domain names, so cruel as the station’s 301 jump. Many people love Shanghai on the 301 jump in the induction period is relatively long (now think that meaning is unknown, but I think ah), since falling in love with the sea expressly support 301 jump, 301 jump after impact on the site should not, but the cruel reality tells me, webmaster friends must be careful for the station’s 301 jump. read more

Noble baby search results of pre loaded interpretation judgment based on historical data

has been able to achieve this effect, because the baby was already on the search results page aristocrats of pre loaded. According to the current principle, once enabled instant search results page, the first page will be pre loaded in the background, and only pre loaded on the first result. And trigger instant page function requires certain conditions.

< >

is Sina Technology and Richard Rabbat dialogue record:

"pre loading the appropriate search results is a challenging problem," Richard Rabbat said that if the user will click on the false results, will cause the waste of resources such as bandwidth of computer. Therefore, only the nobility that baby full grasp, will enable the pre loading function. read more

How to improve the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSense websitesNew opportunities on the food cha

although the final model is exactly what it seems, and no one wants to clear, but some people have made use of "live" to earn pots full bowl surplus. And the influx of entrepreneurs, investment institutions, but also to the industry itself also brings opportunities. Net red, technology platform, edge small innovation…… Titanium media reporter hopes to find and inventory of the industry on the live chain, what new revenue opportunities are being obtained?.

: A: choose the best advertising format – more high-quality advertising. read more

Optimize the grasp of the details using pictures to make the website more humane

Insert the picture

article Ming Rui original share, please keep the 贵族宝贝whmzt贵族宝贝 >.

four, the

optimization are all summed up in 8 words, of course, I say here is not how to do original how to send the chain, you have to do is to rise above the common herd do fine, people should wash, so the details are particularly important, following analysis of pictures in website optimization details.

LOGO pictures, most sites will let the chain to the home page, in order to let keyword optimization play a greater effect, many people will insert keywords are ALT, IE and ALT will be compiled into a TITLE attribute, so the user experience will be poor. My approach is to insert keywords in ALT, TITLE write XXX web page. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search function on the line

cool company general manager Pan Jun said that for a large class of hundreds of millions of information website, website title search or full-text search, to ensure that the search speed, ease of use, the use of expansion. Is a difficult problem to enterprises. The search function now love Shanghai Webmaster Platform completely help us solve this problem. In addition to submit the search results page, set the search appearance, can also associate love Shanghai alliance, to search data analysis, search. read more

Keywords Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging ideas

The number of

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The number of The number of

keyword is Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging personnel must master the skills. If there is no way to judge the degree of difficulty to keyword ranking. Cannot estimate the keyword value and need to spend manpower. To Shanghai dragon work. Today at SEMKEY and we talk about the Shanghai dragon keyword competition the difficulty of some judgment method. Not very comprehensive. I hope to give you some ideas.

the Shanghai Longfeng people understand that there is not much to say. With the keyword "silver ornaments" as an example. Using search engines love Shanghai. For example, the "silver ornaments" the keywords to find relevant results about 3470000, can basically determine the word belongs to the medium difficulty. Optimization requires a certain amount of work. read more

King opened the Shanghai dragon circles the true face of pseudo experts (a)

two features: simple complex problems

first, do not deny that there are still some delicious expert network Shanghai dragon circles, such as Cardiff, ZAC etc.. In recent years, King found Shanghai dragon seems to overnight, out of a large number of those who claim to be experts, staggering. In the business community, do some packaging is no ground for blame, but excessive packaging, but some people. Open circles network pseudo experts face, pseudo experts have the following features:

features: three fuzzy rhetoric, explain some phenomenon read more