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Trio confess to robberies after turning selves in

first_img– gun, cutlass found after labourer shot, robbed– salesman arrested for buying stolen propertyThree young men on Monday evening turned themselves over to Police custody in Berbice after being on the run for two days. The men are prime suspects in Saturday night’s robbery at Albion, Corentyne, during which a labourer was shot.Police had been on the hunt for several persons following the robbery which left hospitalised Jagdeo Ganish, 37, of Lot 117 High Reef Albion, Corentyne.The labourer was injured when a bullet pierced his right arm and became lodged in his abdomen. He was also lashed several times with a cutlass during the attack. Both arms were fractured as a result. The cutlass was also reportedly broken.The incident occurred on Saturday evening at about 20:20h.At the time the six masked bandits invaded the building, five persons were at home. They were all watching television, but the door was open to retrieve a cellular phone which was left outside.Injured: Jagdeo GanishWhen the first bandit entered the home, he told everyone not to move. However, the 22-year-old said they all thought the bandits were friends pulling a prank, until the first gunshot was fired at one of them. It shattered a mirror, but no one was injured.The injured man’s father, Gangapersaud Ganish, told Guyana Times that although there were three men in the house at the time, there was not much that could have been done, as the bandits told them to all lie on the floor. He said he was in a bedroom with his wife, and he secured himself.After having his hands fractured, Ganesh rushed into his bedroom for a cutlass to defend the rest of the family, but the cutlass was not in the bedroom because it had been removed by his brother who was weeding the yard earlier in the day. Reports are that as Ganish was going into the bedroom, two shots were fired at him, but they missed.His father related that when Ganish came out of the bedroom, he wrestled with one of the bandits, who was at the time carrying a cutlass. It is then that he was shot.The men escaped with $321,000 along with US$300 and two cellular phones.As they were fleeing the area, the men ran through a yard and stole a bicycle.The Police quickly responded, and based on information gathered, they went to a location at Topoo, Albion, Corentyne and arrested a 22-year-old suspect in whose possession was a black T-shirt which looks similar to the one used to mask one of the suspect’s face during the robbery.The T-shirt was found in his crotch. The suspect has since admitted to the crime; and also, after being interrogated, gave Police the identities of his accomplices and later led them to an area a short distance from where he was apprehended and showed them where the firearm was. The Police found a .32 revolver with two matching rounds, two bicycles and a cutlass.The arrested suspect has also admitted having committed two recent robberies on the Corentyne.Police also received information which led them to a salesman at Ankerville, Port Mourant, where stolen articles from one of the other two robberies were found. The salesman has been arrested.The Police also found the bicycle which was stolen from a yard after the robbery.Meanwhile, the Police are currently making stringent efforts to quickly arrest the other suspects.last_img read more