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IDW Will Be Publishing a Western YoKai Watch Comic Series

first_imgIDW Publishing is hard at work creating a Western version of the Yo-Kai Watch manga series for exclusive publishing in North America. The first issue is currently planned for April 2017 and it will feature 32 full-color pages.The series will be written by Eric M. Esquivel with artwork from Tina Francisco and colored by Dono Sanchez Almara. It’s said to follow many of the same kinds of adventures the original manga, anime, and video games do. That means we’re in for some ridiculously bright and colorful issues with plenty of new Yo-Kai friends to meet.For the uninitiated, Yo-Kai Watch has a fairly simple premise. One day, a young boy named Keita Amano happens upon a bizarre capsule machine one day while playing in the woods searching for bugs. He opens one of the capsules, expecting a toy inside, and instead meet a yokai (spirit) named Whisper. Whisper gifts Keita with a special item known as the Yokai Watch, which effectively allows him to see spirits and communicate with them.It so happens that there are tons of different yokai around Keita in the world, and with Whisper and his cat yokai Jibanyan, Keita sets off to meet several different kinds of yokai with whom he can befriend or even battle. Sound a lot like Pokemon? You’d be right, except there’s even more of a supernatural element to this plot, and it makes for some pretty freaky ghostly friends. Throw in a dash of lessons to be learned, growing up, and silly adventures, and you’ve got a recipe for surefire success.Now imagine that with IDW’s special brand of comic, and you’ve got a series you’ll definitely want to add to your pull list so you can enjoy it alongside the original media as well. The cover looks absolutely gorgeous so far, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series holds.last_img read more